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On this page we have Washing Machine Reviews of different brands that may be not so well known.

We will outline their special features and provide additional information that will be useful in your search for the right washing machine.

See how other people have found their washer in the past. Use their past experience to determine your future. Once you decide what brand you would like to go for, read the customer reviews to find the actual machine that will fulfill your needs the best.

Reviews of all the major brands such as Whirlpool, Kenmore, Miele and Bosch are in the navigation menu to the right. So just click on the corresponding menu to get information for these brands.

This section will cover less known brands or brands which confine themselves to certain geographical locations and countries. Such as Hotpoint who are predominantly in the UK , Indesit who focus their attention on Europe or even Haier the up and coming brand from China is worth a look.

This page will give you a great overview of the washer market and broaden your view to what actually is out there to buy.

Washer Reviews of.....

Haier Washing Machines
Haier's rise has been very quick; they started manufacturing for export in the early part of the millennium and a few years later they were ranked as one of China's top global brands by Financial Times.

Kitchen Aid Washing Machines
Kitchen Aid pro line washers are some of the most durable pieces of kit on the market. Despite being expensive they are sure to stand the test of time.

AEG Washing Machine
An overview of AEG Washing Machines - we help you see what they have to offer.

UK Washer Brands

Hotpoint Washing Machine Guide
They have a wide range of models from the large and feature rich Aqualtis range to the budget models known as First Edition. Read are overview and reviews as we discover what features Hotpoint washers and dryers have to offer.

Hoover Washing Machine
One of the best known names in the appliance industry has ventured into washing machines and have a top range to choose from.

Servis Washing Machine Guide
Read this article to learn more about the Kelvinator brand and if is a cheap but reliable choice for you

European Washer Brands

Indesit Washing Machine reviews
We will compare several different models of Indesit washers. Understanding the differences between the washing machines is the best way to make the right decision for your home and laundry needs.

International Washer Brands

Kelvinator Washing Machine Guide
Read this article to learn more about the Kelvinator brand and if is a cheap but reliable choice for you

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