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Thor WD10000 
I looked at the LG and the new Thor combo machine. I liked them both but the Thor was less expensive but offered most of the same features. I've had …

Supra SW5L30D Front Load All-in-One Combo 
I live in a small condo that does not have traditional washer/dryer hookups, but I hate hauling my clothes to the nearest laundromat. I've found the perfect …

Equator EZ3612CEE 
I wash clothes at least 3 times a week for my family of 4. We bought this machine because our house is small and our utility closet where our water lines …

Hotpoint WD64P washer/dryer  
I bought my Hotpoint WD64P washer/dryer second-hand from a private individual about a year ago. Despite having been pre-owned, it has performed quite well, …

AEG Oko Lavamat Turbo 16800 
AEG Oko Lavamat Turbo 16800 Review I like the convenience of a washer-dryer combination. But having owned several British-made washer-dryers which proved …

Amana Model Model #NTW5500TQ0 
This is a top loading large Capacity Washer / Dryer Heavy Duty combo. When I received my new washer and dryer I was so thrilled! The Washer has 3 Wash …

Whirlpool WGT3300SQ Thin Twin - The best Washer/Dryer 
I have purchased this model of Washer/dryer about one year ago.I purchased this model of washer/dryer because it belongs to a trusted brand name i.e. 'WHIRLPOOL'.I …

Miele WT2670 Washer Dryer 
I had a Miele Washer Dryer and was very happy with the performance of the machine and the washing quality. Unfortunately I had a problem with the door …

Aquarius WD420 1200 Spin 
As with most things in life, with the WD420 you get what you pay for. It is a relatively cheap machine, and so don’t expect to be blown away by it. …

Electrolux EWD1477 
Electrolux EWD1477 is a cool dryer combo machine that washes and dries all my clothes pretty well, and a machine that is a value for it's money as well. …

Bosch WVTi2842GB  
The Bosch Integrated Laundry machines come in two different varieties; the 1200rpm and the 1400rpm. The 1400rpm combo machine model has slightly more features …

Splendide 2000 S (Model WD 802 CO) 
The Splendide 2000 S washer/dryer combo is the first washer/dryer combo I have ever owned. When I first learned about it I was a bit skeptical as I am …

Splendide 2100XC 
We have been living in a motorhome for 12 years now. This is our third motorhome with a washer-dryer combo. The first one we had was not vented outside. …

ASKO WCAM1812 Combo Washer/Dryer 
I recently moved into an apartment with an Asko combination washer and dryer. I originally was excited about the washer/dryer because it was front-loading …

Equator EZ3720CEE 24 
The Equator EZ3720CEE 24” which has been with me for last 6 months is a vent less and Combination of both the Washer and Dryer altogether. Combination …

Summit SPWD1160C 
We purchased this washer and dryer combo last month and are very pleased with the results. It's efficiency definitely beats our old washer. I am very impressed …

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Washer Dryer Combo Guide

Buyers looking for a good washing machine often have the option of going for either stand-alone washing machines or washing machine and dryer combos.

Both have their advantages, although the decision to buy a washer combo depends on your usage whether one is more suitable for you than the other, and also of the size of your living space.

The price may also be a factor, since most washer dryer combos are more expensive than regular stand-alone units.

The basics of a washer combo

A washer dryer combo is a combination of a washing machine and a dryer in one unit. These are popular alternatives to larger, stand-alone units for those who live in cramped spaces such as apartments, dorm rooms, and other urban living accommodations. Washer dryer combos are more popular in Europe than in the United States, probably because of the smaller size of living quarters in European countries. Washer combo units are designed to be small and portable, so they come with features that allow them to be installed and to be directly connected to existing water lines and electrical outlets.

Popular washer combo brands include LG, EdgeStar, Deco, Equator, GE, Triton, Haier, Whirlpool, and Kenmore.

Washer dryer combo features

A washer/dryer combo has a few typical features that are present in every model regardless of brand. These include front loading designs, a condensation-based ventless drying system, automatic sensors, moderate load capacities, easy installation, portability, child locks, and control features.

A washer combo is usually designed with a front loading system for easy access to your laundry, especially if you buy one of those stackable washer units. The condensation-based ventless drying system differs from the usual models that use hot air for drying clothes.

Instead, washer combo units utilize condensation to dry your laundry. The automatic sensors are responsible for regulating the washing and drying cycles. Apart from monitoring the washing and drying cycles, some units also come with soap suds monitoring and water level monitoring.

Most of the washer combo units are easy to install because there is no need to install ventilation and air systems. These units can be plugged directly into 110-volt sockets and can be directly connected to a regular faucet. Newer models also now have a lot of options for control settings for different kinds of laundry.

Most washer combos also have the steam cycle technology which you can also find in larger stand-alone dryers. And because these machines are small and can easily be reached by children, most units come with child lock features that prevent small kids from using the machine.

Types of washer combos

Those who really want to save on space can go for stacked washer dryer combos that feature a washer and a dryer stacked into one unit, on top of each other. This is perfect for narrow laundry rooms and small apartments.

While models like these come prestacked so all you have to do is the installation, you can also purchase separate units of washers and dryers and mount one on top of the other.

Another alternative would be the type of machine that has both washing and drying capabilities, which one can activate with button controls.

Washer combo dryers usually come in gas and electric and as vented and non-vented models. Non-vented models are usually the more common models seen in washer combos. They can easily be installed anywhere near an electricity and water source.

Advantages of a washer combo

Most consumers prefer the washer combo to separate washing machines and dryers for its portability and the amount of room space it saves.

A combo washer is smaller than two separate machines and it is easier to move around because of its smaller size. This unit can usually be installed under kitchen counters, saving a lot of space for other appliances and freeing up more working areas in the kitchen.

Most washers are also front loading and come with a horizontal axis drum. This means that they do not come with an agitator, which can usually be rough on your laundry. Front loading machines are also easier to access than top loaders.

Despite the fact that most washer combos can accommodate smaller loads of laundry at a time, making energy efficiency a problem, newer models now come with the Energy Star seal. This means that these models are more energy-efficient than other washer combos that do not sport the Energy Star seal.

Disadvantages of washer combos

Like any other home appliances, washer combos are not for everyone. You may find one or two disadvantages to the washer combo that will leave you thinking about choosing another type or model of washing machine.

For one, most washer combos are often only capable of washing and drying moderate-sized laundry items and not larger loads typical of bigger, family-sized units.

A typical washer combo has a maximum of 15 pounds of capacity compared to bigger models that are capable of up to 20 pounds. The drying process also requires smaller loads, typically at around 9 to 10 pounds.

Another disadvantage to washer combos is that they need more time to dry your clothes because the drum needs to be dried first before the machine can dry the garments.

This makes combos less energy-efficient than stand-alone washers and dryers because they take a lot of time to dry clothes, plus the fact that they can dry smaller loads of laundry at a time. Cycles with washer combos usually take the entire morning.

And because washer combos have to be smaller, manufacturers often find it hard to add more energy-saving features to the machine. These models also tend to cost higher than typical stand-alone dryers, with some units priced at over $1,000.

Finally, stacked laundry units with a washer on the bottom and the dryer on top can cause a height problem. For, example the control on the dryer may be harder to reach if controls are designed on top rather than on the front of the unit.

Consider these information when shopping for washer dryer combos in order to make a wise purchase. You wouldn’t want to buy the first unit that comes along because there are a lot of units that are either too expensive or not very energy-efficient.

And finally, always make sure that your unit comes with a long time warranty, since repair on these appliances can be costly.

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