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Advice in purchasing your washing machine
a buying guide so you can narrow down your search.

Do you want the top washing machine or dryer for your house? Let us show you how to choose the top model to suit your needs.

It can feel like a maze - with so many washers out here it can be difficult to make your choice.

When it comes to doing laundry obviously you want the best washing machine you can get - this makes life that little bit easier! Choose wisely - because a bad one will have the opposite effect!!

The most important thing is to make a choice based on your individual needs. If you have a low budget and don’t wash very much – just a cheap cleaning machine should fit the bill.

multiple washing machines

Take your time and do a little homework:

There are questions you need to ask about the washer

Above we gave you general questions to consider. Now when you are looking at a potential washer there are specific questions which are useful to ask about the washer.

These questions will help you choose really which one is right for your budget and lifestyle.

What is my space available? take any space concerns into consideration. If you have a small house that has limited room available for your washer, then you are going to need something that can realistically fit within the small amount of space you have available. In some cases, a washer and dryer combination may even be a great idea if you really want to conserve on space.

How does the washer load? You can purchase either front loading or top loading machine. You’ll want to get the best washer which works for you. Compare the advantages and disadvantages between front loaders and top loaders.

What is the loading capacity? The load capacity is the dry weight of clothes. If you live alone and don’t have a huge amount of laundry to do, then you can go with a smaller capacity. However, if you have a large family with several children, you’ll want to go with a larger capacity of at least 6 kg or more. Washing a larger load will also be more economical. The following guide lines will help you determine what size is the best washing machine for you.

Single person Less than 4.9 Kg

Couple without children 5 kg - 5.4 kg

Family with 2 children 5.5 kg - 5.9 kg

Family with 3-4 children 6 kg and more

How does the washer spin? The spinning of the clothes washer is going to be important to how quickly the laundry will end up drying. The higher the speed of your motor, the more efficient the spinning will be. Also consider the type of spinning for your machine so it will dry the clothes as much as possible before using the tumble drier or hanging on the line. If you don’t have a drier then you will want to be looking at spins of above 1000rpm to make sure the clothes are reasonably dry.

What programs does the washer have? There are anti wrinkle programs, delicate programs, delayed starts, short wash cycles, and even automatic programs for you to choose from when considering various washing machines.

Is it noisy? An important question to ask…..if the machine is going to be placed where you like to hang out then a quiet one is essential. If the machine is somewhere away from people like in the shed or garage then the noise level won’t be such a concern.

How fast is it ? A fast machine is very convenient as long as the whites are white.

What is the water and energy efficiency ? Efficient washers can actually save you pennies. This is useful for people washing regularly. Upper Shoal aerial view

The Base ? Washing machines are heavy and can vibrate a lot. You need to consider the base of the washer and where you will place it. You don’t want your house to be rockin and rollin ! Choosing the correct mode at the right price can often mean a trade of between features. Remember the most important thing is to find the best washing machine that fits your current need.

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