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Bosch WTVC553SUC Vision 500 Series White Frontloader Dryer 6.7 cubic feet  
The Bosch WTVC553SUC, part of the manufacturer’s 500 series, is one of the most efficient dryers in the market. It is packed with features that help reduce …

Haier HWD1000 1.7 Cu. Ft. Washer/Dryer Combo 
I bought a a few months ago. It was at a GREAT price of $500, so it was a steal! Trying to save money on a tight budget, combo was chosen based on price …

Samsung Washer Dryer Combo WD7704C8C 
This washer and dryer combo is the best at all. It washes the clothes good but when it comes to drying, the clothes, it needs improvements. It leaves …

Hot Point DLB 2650  
Purchased this dryer used for cheap. When I got it home I noticed that the plug was a three prong and the wall had a four prong (doh!). Went to the …

Simpson Sirocco series, 350, 450, 455, 500 
This review comes from a repairer and serviceman of clothes dryers, 6 years experience. The Simpson Sirocco range of dryers are generally fairly good …

Indesit IS70C  
I got to say that my experience with Indesit IS70C clothes dryer has been great. Its been one year since I am using it with no complains. I got my clothes …

Roper by Whirlpool 
The best dryer I got is the dryer that I got right Whirlpool Roper. My grandparents bought it for my husband and I when I moved out on my own. …

My ROPER is a great clothes dryer that saves me a lot of time and money.I found my Roper at a local home improvement center on sale for two hundred dollars. …

Admiral Model#AED4475TQ 
I absolutely love this dryer. It runs very quiet which is nice because our laundry area is in the hallway between our bedroom and our toddler and baby's …

Roper Heavy Duty Super Capacity RGS7648SQ0  
I have this Roper, which is made by the same company that makes Whirlpool. This is a heavy duty super capacity dryer. I purchased it at Lowe’s around four …

DGIX2 Intuitive Dryer by Fisher/Paykel  
DGIX2 Intuitive Dryer by Fisher/Paykel is what I am reviewing here I used to buy "cheap" dryers thinking they were all about the same and that I could …

Roper by Whirlpool model REX4634KQ1 
The Roper by Whirlpool model REX4634KQ1 clothes dryer is a great buy! Though sold as an "economy model", it outperforms that label by far. We have been …

Hoover 3525 
I currently have a Hoover 3525. It's a bit of an older clothes dryer, I suppose. I purchased it second hand to save a bit of money. I'm really quite …

Hot Point 3 Cycle Heavy Duty Large Capacity Dryer (model # DLB155ORALWH) 
I purchased this Hot Point 3 Cycle Heavy Duty Large Capacity clothes dryer several years ago and sadly to say, I am not happy with it. I chose this specific …

Samsung DV448AEP Electric Steam Dryer 
I purchased this dryer with the matching washing machine last month after my old Kenmore machines finally retired. This is the cadillac of all dryers. …

Speed Queen Heavy Duty Commercial Dryer 
I am very impressed with my Speed Queen dryer. At first, when I saw it, I was a little skeptical, but who isn't when they first get something that they …

Fisher & Paykel IWL16 Intuitive Eco 
The Fisher & Paykel Intuitive Eco is, by far, the best washing machine I have ever used. As the model name suggests, this washer uses high technology …

Inglis dryer 
I love my Inglis dryer. We purchased it four years ago, and before we bought it, I had never heard of the brand Inglis. When doing research before making …

Roper Extra-large Capacity gas dryer 
If you are looking for a high quality, affordable gas dryer, then look no further than the Roper Extra-Large Capacity Gas Dryer by Whirl pool. It is big …

Samsung DV328aew Dryer 
- this dryer is fantastic !I can not say enough how pleasantly surprised I was at the performance of this dryer. I was hesitant to switch to a Samsung, …

Electrolux EIED55HMB Dryer 
rating: 5 out of 5 My dryer has been such a blessing! The amount of energy being saved at our house is so much greater than when we had a top load washer. …

Fisher & Paykel ED56 4.5 kg electronic clothes dryer 
Fisher & Paykel ED56 4.5 kg electronic clothes dryer is not only a great buy, although a bit pricey, but it is truly an awesome clothes dryer machine. …

Heavy Duty White-Westinghouse Cycle Signal  
My wife and I currently own a whirlpool only because it was free. The best dryer we've have ever owned, (we both agree) is our old Heavy Duty White-Westinghouse …

Roper by Whirlpool Corporation Electric Dryer Model #3405639A 
When our old, busted, hand-me-down dryer died a few years ago, we found ourselves in the predicament of needing a new clothes dryer. Having never shopped …

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Roper RED4340SQ Not rated yet
Great dryer!! Most dryers I had used in the past would take about 1 hour dry and even then my towels would at times come out a bit damp. This Roper will …

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Dryer Buying Guide

Whether you are moving into a home and need to install a new dryer for the first time, or you realize that the one you have simply isn't cutting it anymore in terms of efficiency, Whether you are moving into a home and need to install a new dryer for the first time, or you realize that the one you have simply isn't cutting it anymore in terms of efficiency, purchasing a new clothes dryer is a decision that needs some thought.

There are plenty of things to keep in mind, from your needs to what you can spend, but with a few parameters in mind and some knowledge about the choices in front of you, you'll be able to make a great decision that will serve you well for years to come.


First, take a look at what you have to choose from when it comes to clothes dryers. Typically, in terms of drum capacity, a dryer will have between five to seven cubic feet of space, unless you're dealing with a compact model, which has about three.

If you are not buying the washer and dryer as a set, think about how much space your current washer has and buy a dryer to match; if a washer has a drum with three to four cubic feet of space, it needs a dryer with a drum of seven cubic feet.

A dryer can be powered by electricity or gas, and though gas is slightly more expensive, it tends to be better in the long run.

What Washer dryers are Available

When you go to buy a dryer, you'll find that there are plenty of different choices in front of you. In terms of brand, GE, Kenmore, Maytag and Whirlpool are the biggest producers of clothes dryers out there and you'll see that they have a market share of about 80 percent of people buying dryers.

If you live in a house, with other people and have the space, think about getting a full-size model, which tends to have a greater loading capacity and measures about 28 inches in width.

A space-saving model on the other hand, are only about 24 inches wide and have about half the drum capacity of the full-sized models.

If you are looking for both a washer and dryer, take a look at the laundry center unit, which can act as both a washer and a dryer and range between 700 and 2000 dollars.

Condenser or Vented Dryer

When you are buying a dryer, you will have to make a choice between a vented tumble dryer and a condenser tumble dryer; this will determine how your clothes actually get dry.

A vented dryer pushes hot damp air out a vent, while a condenser dryer turns the steam into water, which then needs to be manually emptied out.

While vented dryers are cheaper and more reliable, they do need to be vented through an open window to function properly, something that can be difficult if it is winter.

A condenser, on the other hand, can be put anywhere, and if you have a good one, there will be no steam escaping into the room at all.

The issue with condenser dryers, though, is that they can leak damp air into your laundry room and cause mold or water damage, in addition to needing their reservoir emptied from time to time.

Dryers Features

When you are looking at getting a dryer, there are several features that you need to think about.

Energy source is the first feature to consider, whether you want your dryer run off of electricity or gas. As mentioned above, gas dryers are more expensive at the outset, but tend to be more energy efficient in the long run; they take less energy to run and compared to electric dryers, cost about thirty cents less per load to operated.

A moisture sensor is definitely a feature you want to consider; these sensors stop the cycle when the humidity drops below a certain level, resulting in less wear and tear on your clothes.

Older clothes dryers used to rely on temperature or thermostats to do this, but the addition of a moisture sensor has made the process a good deal more precise.

When the cycle stops as soon as your clothes are dry, you'll find that it saves energy, makes ironing easier, and gives your clothes a longer usable life.

Check for a cool down cycle. After your clothes are dry, the drum will keep moving for a certain period of time, though no heat is added; this helps prevent wrinkling.

Similarly, you'll find that by making sure that the capacity of your dryer matches the capacity of your washer, you'll get better results. Making sure that they match will help you get the most use out of both.

Take a look at the controls on the clothes dryers you are interested in. You'll have your choice digital or push button displays, but more often than not, you'll have things like a drum light, which can help you find things at the back of the dryer and a lint-filter light, that will tell you that the lint filler is full or blocked.

Also, check to see what settings are available; most dryers will at least have cotton and permanent press settings with options for less or more dry, but make sure that your dryer fits with the clothes you wear.

With these options in mind, there are a few things you can do to make sure you get the right dryer for you. First, don't pay for unnecessary extras.

Always Remember

Remember that the best dryer isn't the most expensive one; it's the one that's best for you! Do you need a speed-dry option, or can you get by with the normal cycles?

Similarly, it is good to know that a stainless steel drum does not improve performance, the way that it does for a washer. If your laundry room is near a kitchen or a bedroom, get a model that is known to run more quietly.

When you are looking for clothes dryers, there are plenty of options to choose from, so don't get hung up on one model or one feature. Take a look around, and shop wisely for this important appliance.

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